Rope Sellers

Local Rope Vendors

Denver Rope Bite sells rope at our events:
  • We sell MyNawashi untreated jute for $5 per 8 meter length. We will happily include a guide on how to treat it, although the process can be lengthy. Note that at this price, the rope is cheaper and better (for bondage) than anything you can get at the hardware store.
  • We also sell deGiotto premium treated jute rope for $30 per 30 foot length. Many excellent riggers in the Denver community have this rope in their kit. It’s a great choice for people who don’t have the time, patience, or means to treat their own rope. It’s also just great rope and the choice of many who are looking for top quality rope.

These are the same as what you can get them for on the internet and you don’t need to pay shipping. We sell them because some people like to hold a product in their hands before investing. Note that we only sell undyed rope.

Internet Rope Vendors

The following is a list of rope sellers.  This was ripped from this FetLife post by our friend Taijya on April 5, 2014 (it may have gone out of date since).  Listing here does not necessarily mean an endorsement of the product.  If you’re interested in getting some rope, this list should get you started.

Natural Fibers

Prices are listed for 6mm (¼”) rope (5 or 6mm Jute), since this is what I would look for when shopping. Other options may be available, but are dependent on seller.

Hemp (USA) – $1.50/ft (RAINBOW COLORS!) – $1.28/ft (Rope kits available) – $1.27/ft – $1.20/ft. (Rope kits available) – $1.10/ft – $1.05/ft to $1.11/ft (Kits available) – $1.05/ft – $1.03/ft to $1.14/ft (Depending on type) – $1.00/ft ($1.23/ft dyed) (Less for buying 4+) – $1.00/ft – $0.90/ft (Rope kits available) – $0.90/ft (Dyed) – $0.87/ft – $0.85/ft (Rope kits available) – $0.83/ft ($1.00/ft dyed) (Buy 5 get 1) – $0.80/ft ($1.00/ft dyed) – $0.75/ft ($1.00/ft dyed) (MANY color choices) – $0.70/ft ($0.90/ft dyed) – $0.65/ft ($0.80/ft yed) (Raw $0.40/ft) ( Kits Available) – $0.50/ft to $0.75ft (Prices vary based on amount purchased) – $0.45/ft (Unconditioned) (Kits available) – $0.18/ft to $0.24/ft (Unprocessed) (Cheapest in bulk)

Hemp (Outside of USA)
(Europe) – €1.60/m to €1.69/m (Higher for dyed) (Kits available)
(UK) – £1.25/m (£2.40/m supersoft) (Kits available)
(UK) – £1.00/m (10m bundles only) (Less for 2+)
(UK) – Prices and types vary
(UK) – £0.39/m (Unprocessed) (Less for bulk)
(Canada) – $0.19/ft to $0.21/ft (Unprocessed) (Bulk)
(UK) – Contact for price. (Untreated)

Jute (USA) – $0.30/ft ($7/8m length) This is the rope sold at Rope Bite practice; we sell them at cost for $5/8m length. – $1.35/ft ($1.20/ft Unprocessed) (4 strand braided) – $1.03/ft (8m bundles only) – $1.00/ft (30ft bundles only) -$1.00/ft – $1.00/ft ($1.23/ft dyed) (Less for buying 4+) – $1.00/ft – $0.75/ft – $0.74/ft ($0.87/ft dyed) (Rope kits available) -$0.67/ft – $0.67/ft – $0.58/ft to $1.23/ft (Prices vary based on treatment) – $0.50/ft ($0.67/ft dyed) (Buy 5 get 1) – $0.50/ft to $0.65/ft (Unconditioned) (Kits available) – $0.50/ft to $0.60/ft (Kits available) – $110/Kit- natural, $115/kit dyed. (Different length choices + extras included in kit)

Jute (Outside of USA)
(Australia) – $3.13/m to $3.75/m (Dependent on type. Less for packs)
(Japan) – ¥280/m to ¥300/m (¥330/m to ¥400/m dyed)
(UK) – £1.50/m to £1.75/m (Higher for dyed, less for untreated)
(Europe) – €1.40/m to €1.50/m (Higher for dyed) (Kits available)
(UK) – Prices and types vary.
(UK) – Contact for price. (Untreated)

Bamboo & Silk – $2.00/ft Silk – $1.75/ft Bamboo, $1.75/ft Silk – $1.50/ft Bamboo Silk – $1.17/ft ($1.43/ft dyed) Bamboo (Less for buying 4+)

Cotton & Linen (USA) – $1.50/ft Organic Cotton – $1.00/ft Cotton (Colors available) – $0.50/ft to $1.00/ft Cotton – $0.85/ft Linen – $0.45/ft Cotton, $0.60/ft Linen – $0.50/ft (dyed) Cotton – $0.20/ft (Will need to cut your lengths and finish the ends) – $0.10/ft Cotton (Will need to cut your lengths and finish the ends)

Cotton & Linen (Outside of USA)
(UK) – £1.30/m Cotton
(UK) – £0.80/m Cotton (10m bundles only) (Less for 2+)

Other (US) – $0.83/ft ($1.00/ft dyed) Hemp/Linen (Buy 5 get 1) – $0.40/ft to $0.47/ft Coconut – Prices and types vary – Prices, lengths, and types vary

Other (Outside of USA)
(UK) – £1.25/m Linen Hemp
(UK) – £1.00/m (£1.50/m dyed) Linen Hemp
(UK) – £1.20 to £1.43 Linen Hemp (Less when buying more)

Synthetic Rope

Prices listed are for rope that is 6mm (¼”), unless stated otherwise.

Nylon – $0.47/ft to $0.56/ft (Kits available) (HUGE color selection) – $0.55/ft – $0.50/ft – $0.40/ft – $0.40/ft – $0.38/ft – $0.37/ft

(While not listed, nylon rope can be purchased from the spool at your local hardware store. It usually comes in white and can be bought very cheaply. You will need to cut the rope to your desired lengths but it’s a great cheap option if you aren’t quite sure if rope bondage is for you. The ends will fray easily so plan on tying, melting, or taping the ends so this does not occur as quickly.)

MFP – $0.40/ft (5/16” only) – $0.35/ft MFP (5/16″ and 9/32″) – 0.33/ft – $0.28/ft – $0.25/ft

Other (USA) – $0.30/ft Hempex, $0.50/ft POSH – $0.30/ft Braided Polyester, $0.40/ft Synthetic Hemp – $0.30/ft Hempex (Will need to cut your lengths and finish the ends)

Other (Outside of USA)
(UK) – £1.00/m Synthetic Hemp
(UK) – £0.77/m to £0.90/m Synthetic Hemp
(UK) – £0.70/m Hempex (10m bundles only) (Less for 2+)