On Rope Bottoming

Below is an introduction for a guide on rope bottoming put together by KinkyClover. Please visit the site to download the free copy that is available (link available at the bottom of the page). As the introduction states, this is set of general guidelines but we cannot express enough how important it is as a rope bottom to know these things.

This resources aims to provide fundamental information regarding rope bottom safety, to enable tops and bottoms to make informed choices and educate those starting out on their rope journey.

One of the most important points to remember about rope bondage, besides having fun, is there is always a risk. There are risks attached to every bondage scenario, even with the best bondage riggers and models.
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to really consider and understand these risks. If you do not know what the risks might be this is an indication that you need more information.

It’s possible to minimize risk by being risk and self-aware, informed and working with a rigger who has good skill and is risk aware. You will significantly reduce the risks of bondage but you will never eliminate them entirely.

This guide is a set of general recommendations. It is by no means suited to every rope bondage situation and every bottom or body type. You may have preferences that contradict the advice given in this guide.
It is important to remember that every person’s body is different, what is correct for you, might be dangerous for another person. As you gain experience and self-awareness in bondage you may and that your personal preferences and what your body needs differs from the guidelines in this resource.
It is the rigger’s responsibility to ensure they are doing the right thing for you. It is your responsibility to communicate with the rigger. You both have responsibility to one another.

Communication is vital to reduce the risk involved with rope bondage. It is your responsibility to communicate and give feedback before, during and after bondage. When you are new to bondage you may not know your feelings or reactions well.

Communicate with your rigger and err on the side of caution when you are unsure. If you communicate openly and freely your rigger should be able to trust that you are a reliable bottom.
If on the other hand you conceal things when you are unsure or suspect danger signs it can result in numerous disastrous outcomes, as well as breaking your riggers trust in you as a responsible bottom.

To break rules, you must first understand them. Sometimes skilled, experienced and risk aware riggers can go beyond these guidelines with your risk aware consent. This can be done with caution, keeping risks, safety and possible consequences
in mind. However, a rigger must know the rules that they are breaking and why these rules are there to begin with, before they decide to break them.

Don’t be afraid to question your rigger at any point.
Remember, during play your safety comes before any D/s protocol.

Remember that during a photo shoot or performance your safety comes before doing your job as a model.

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