Class Rating System

100 Level
Interested in rope bondage, no previous experience necessary.

100 level classes / workshops
Stand alone classes geared towards interested new folks.
All required skills will be demonstrated and taught during the class.


  • intro to rope
  • basic wearables
  • single and double column tie
  • simple chest harness

200 Level
Have self taught or been through some basic level classes and workshops. Maybe you’ve read some books, or seen videos, and have been playing with basic rope bondage.

Expected prerequisite skills include:

  • safe, workable single limb tie
  • safe, workable double limb tie
  • understanding of basic rope play safety
  • basic handling skills; bundling, tying from the bight etc.

200 level classes / workshops
Will begin with the expectation that riggers bring the basic skills above to the class. 200 level classes will seek to build on your rope handling skills and help you explore ways to enjoy basic ties.


  • basic box tie / gote construction
  • harness class; chest, hip / thigh tie along
  • bedroom bondage
  • creating bondage positions using the basic toolkit of ties
  • hogties / ball ties

300 Level
Have been studying and playing with rope bondage for some time and have gained a safe, solid knowledge of the fundamentals. These riggers have the skill set, experience and interest in exploring more advanced rope play.

Riggers at this level may have explored suspension under supervision, but are not yet constructing free form suspensions. They may have explored mild predicament play. By this time most riggers have a fairly complete rope kit of their own.

Expected prerequisite skill set includes those listed above in addition to:

  • basic suspension worthy chest harness / gote
  • basic suspension worthy hip / thigh harness
  • hair tie
  • adjustable knot
  • bowline
  • improved rope handling skills (tension, hitches, extending etc)

300 level classes / workshops
Will begin with the expectation that you brought all the above skills with you, ready to hit the ground running, and explore more advanced rope play.


  • basic suspension tie along
  • intro to predicament play
  • intro to semenawa / torture rope
  • basic hojo

400 Level
Have been exploring more advanced rope bondage play on their own; suspensions, predicaments, aggressive rope play. They have a bag of knots, ties and tricks they are confident in and continue to work on the soft skills of problem solving and communication.

400 level riggers can put their own twist on ties and positions that inspired them, or create suspensions and predicaments on their own from their original concepts.

Expected prerequisite skill set includes everything above plus:

  • competence in various suspension positions without supervision
  • competence in adjusting a tie in response to communication from the bottom
  • advanced problem solving skills when facing a new rope puzzle

400 level classes / workshops
Begin expecting you can rig as described above with no outside assistance or coaching. The class might start with the presenter saying “go ahead and suspend your bottom face down, one foot above the ground, and we’ll begin playing with them there”.

Examples of 400 level classes might be:

  • suspension for sex
  • advanced predicament workshop
  • hojo / semenawa / aggressive rope play
  • intro to transition suspensions
This writing is based off of this writing of FetLife by knot_head.