Recurring Events and Classes

The Denver Rope Bite holds open lab time and classes several times a month. We also hold a rope-centric play party, Ropegasm, once a quarter. For information on upcoming classes, please look at the Upcoming Events on the main page and also look at the blog which contains detailed information.

NOTE: All Denver Rope Bite events are 18+, except for Ropegasm which is 19+ due to Denver Sanctuary rules. Denver Rope Bite events are open to all who meet the age criteria regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, M/s dynamic, or anything else. The following information is accurate as of April, 2017.

Denver Rope Bite at The Bakery

Denver Rope Bite at The Bakery is a great event for people with little or no experience with rope bondage. It is held at The Bakery Arts Warehouse at 2132 Market St in Downtown Denver, near Coors Field. Every Bakery event features a 101 level class for people just starting out. The class is held every 4th Tuesday and begins promptly at 7pm (Doors at 6:45). Cost of admission is $5 per person.

Denver Rope Bite at The Sanctuary

Denver Rope Bite at The Sanctuary is a rope class and open lab geared toward all ability levels. Class topics range from intermediate to advanced and all are encouraged to participate up to their ability levels. Those not comfortable participating may watch the class. The event occurs every 2nd Saturday at The Denver Sanctuary. Class is at 10:00 AM and is followed by an open practice time from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Admission to one or both is a flat $5 per person.

If you are interested in attending and need the address, please email for the location.

Bridging the Gap

Most months, Denver Rope Bite hosts Bridging the Gap which is an intermediate level class. This is designed for people who have taken the 101 and are looking to advance their rope skills. This occurs MOST months on the 4th Saturday at the Denver Sanctuary at 10:00 AM. Cost is $5 per person. The events are posted on FetLife, but if you’re not on FetLife, be sure to e-mail us and we will let you know when the next one is.


Ropegasm is a rope centered BDSM play party that we host 3-4 times per year. During this party we set aside the normal playspace furniture and put in several overhead hard points for partial and full suspension rope work. Floor work is also very popular. These parties are held at the Denver Sanctuary.