Futomomos! (With Suspension Exercise) – instructed by ThisDude

  • Saturday August 10, 10:00 AM at the Denver Sanctuary
  • Instructor: ThisDude
  • Cost: $5 per person.

Futomomos are an incredibly useful tie, and they are not complicated to learn. This class will focus on their use in suspensions, including a single futo inversion. Anyone is welcome to follow along and practice during the ground work and partials portion. Being that the inversion does include a transitional suspension, ThisDude or one of the TA’s will need to sign off on your chest harness, futo and load line management before you go into a full suspension. A single futo inversion is a challenging tie for bottoms. ThisDude will cover ways to make the this more sustainable however, we do not recommend using this class as anyone’s first suspension experience either as top or bottom. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this during the class we are more than happy to provide more one one assistance during the open lab time which follows the class.

ThisDude has kinda become known for using futos in most all of his rope work.  He joined FetLife to meet others into rope bondage and started getting active in Colorado’s rope community about 6 years ago. Now he helps give back what he has learned through the rope bite events.


Requirement for the ground and partials
  • Confidence with a single column.
  • 4-5 aprox. 8 meter lengths of rope.
  • Ring or carabiners for partials.
Additional requirements for suspension
  • know a suspension worthy chest harness
  • be comfortable with load line management
  • enough rope for said chest harness and load line plus 4-5 lengths

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